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  • Robbery in
  • Mika Singh's
  • house

 Artist Mika Singh was recently visited by an unwanted guest in his residence in Mumbai. Going by the Police’s suspicions, the guest was none other than a robber, who is allegedly the singer’s editor named Ankit Vasan. He had been working with the singer for fifteen years, helping him editing videos. He was also assigned the work of managing shows and other appointments of Mika Singh.

As per the police investigations, Vasan broke into Mika Singhs’s house in Oshewara, Mumbai on Sunday. CCTV footage of the same has been obtained. However, he hid in Mumbai itself for two days and was finally arrested on Wednesday by Delhi Police. Ankit Vasan was detained in Delhi as soon as he landed on Tuesday, but was arrested only the next day.

The stolen property is alleged to be valuables, clothes and cash. Police explained further that Vasan gained the confidence of Mika Singh along these fifteen years and soon ulterior motives got the better of him. He eventually got the access to the Mumbai residence of the singer and took advantage of the trust Singh had on him.

It is being said that Ankit Vasan will be produced before a Magistrate in Bandra Court on Friday. An FIR has already been lodged against him.

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