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  • Karwaan: Movie Review
  • Karwaan: Movie Review
  • Karwaan: Movie Review

Once in a while comes a film which is beautifully crafted with an amazing cast, but usually lacks the well deserved grand reception, because of-course, Indian audience.

That's Karwaan for you today. Set in the backdrop of exotic South India , the movie trails down the story of 3 souls who are met with the fate of a dead body and how their dots are eventually connected.  

After winning hearts down South, Dulquer Salmaan has made a smooth move into Bollywood with this film. He has an innocent yet melancholy character which keeps you glued to the screen.And then comes our very own youtube sensation, Mithila Palkar. She is the character which we have seen earlier, which is considered "cool" today, the rebel.  More was expected from her character, or maybe her acting wasn't utilised to the best of her potential as we have already seen in the Girl in the City. Or maybe it's just the way how Indian cinema usually works.Then comes the star and the highlight of the movie, Irffan Khan. His chracter is funnily bitter, almost every punch will leave you cracking and yet unfolds his emotional layers as the story progresses.  The flawless and effortless chemistry between 3 very different people will leave you asking for more. All credits to the Director , Akarsh Khurana, who was last seen in the nostalgic Yeh Meri Family.

Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself. This lies at the heart of Karwaan. Not all journeys wind up the way you’d imagined, and yet, they put things into perspective, be it life or relationships. Karwaan might not be the roller coaster ride you expected it to be, but it's a beautiful ride which leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling in the heart that says all’s well that ends well. 


Section Editor: Niharika Salar | 13 Aug 2018 21:37pm IST

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