News By/Courtesy: Ayush Sharma | 06 Jun 2019 23:33pm IST


  • Sudanese Military leader said they are open to negotiations
  • Protest leaders have turned down the offer and asked for justice
  • United Nations Security Council says it’s a “bloody massacre”

Sudanese military leader has offered to talk and showed his interest in negotiations after the doctors have confirmed that around 101 people are dead. But the protest leaders have turned down the offer of talks by the Sudanese Military leader and demanded the justice for the crackdown which has left around 101 people dead. The International agency, United Nations Security council is calling it a “bloody massacre”. It is reported that the hospitals in Khartoum are struggling to cope up with the number of wounded after the security forces has launched a deadly raid on June 3rd on a week-long-sit-in outside Army Headquarters. A Doctor said that there is a shortage of blood, shortage of medical staff and it has become really difficult to perform certain operations as it can only be done in a particular hospital. Its also been reported the hospitals have taken up the causalities more than its capacity.

In April the veteran president Omar al- Bashir was ousted by the Sudan Military after the two months protests against his authoritarian rule and has also promised a three-year transition period to a civilian administration. But General Fatah al- Burhan keeping in mind of the crackdown said that the agreement was ditched and an election will be taking place within the nine Months.

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