News By/Courtesy: Sreeja Krishna | 06 Aug 2019 15:13pm IST


  • To address the acute housing shortage by the cops
  • The cops will be helped in getting loans and insurance
  • No involvement of Private builders ; a State Project


 The Mumbai Police have submitted a plan to the State govt. to redevelop the Naigaon Police Quarters and the Headquarters of the Right Armed Constabulary.

 In a first, the plan , a brainchild of Commissioner of Police, Sanjay Barve , proposes to sell 50% of the new residential flats to constables and officers to address acute housing shortage faced by the cops.

 The Mumbai Police will develop the Naigaon property with the State Police Housing Corporation. Not trusting private builders any more!

A large part of the 25 - acre property is a parade ground. Currently , there are 13 buildings housing the families of 350 constables in Naigaon. Under the redevelopment project, Mumbai Police are planning to build 1,700  new houses. Half of these will be residential quarters and the rest would be given to constables and officers on ownership basis. Each ownership flat will be of 500 sq. feet and can be sold to constables only and the same applies to rental property also.

   The Light Armed Police will have a separate building in the complex along with an armoury.

 As govt. projects incuding residential will be getting more FSI, it can be used to redevelop the property. The constables will be helped in getting loans and insurance. If any death occurs during construction phase or loan repayment period,the family will be supported.

  Barve has also designed an underground firing range and parking. The project is to get suggestions from the State Law and Judiciary, Revenue and the Finance departments.                                           


Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 07 Aug 2019 23:35pm IST

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