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  • Library movement launched By Vice president of India Venkaiah Naidu
  • promotes reading habit
  • India source of ancient wisdom

To make the Libaray movement a mass movement like the Swachh Bharat and beti bachao and beti Padhao where Vice president of India Venkaiah Naidu promoted this movement at Patna University.He launched this movement on Sunday.He wanted to see that the movement gains popularity and power among the students across villages and different universities.Accroding to him the library are  powerhouse of knowledege where the  Indian  ancient universities are a gold mine for knowledge and thus India is called the Vishwaguru.He aslo mentioned how citizens from different parts of India come to seek this ancient knwoledge.He also feels that these books are soruce of logical and ethnic capital.The Vice President also feels that there should be effort made to develop a habit of reading among the students .Also he feels that the library should become a joyful and active place of learning and the very heart of wisdom and knowledge.He also reminds the student to never foget their mother tongue ,native place and their guru.The another measure he wanted to take was the digitilization of library.This will provide better services to students and teachers for research.He also made the importance on library and reading as it helps in the overall development or the personality.

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