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  • Bangkok organized meeting
  • Bomb blast in bangkok
  • 2 dummy bombs found

The Thailand capital Bangkok organized a Southeast Asian security meeting.This meeting was attended by the top diplomats from the countries like China,United States Of America and other major powers of the world.There were 6 bomb blast and during the peak hours of 9am there was the first explosion that was discerned at two sites near Bangkok.A Third blast was soonn over heard at the government complex where many ministries on the northern side of the city.According to the Erawan medical Centre none of them have any serious injury and all are getting medical care at the hospital.Images were shown on all local website looking stupefied and were getting treatment.The one of the tallest buileding in Bangkok 77-storey King power Mahanakhon and the another fatality  was from the bomb  that exploded at this buidling.The ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations) which is a geographical security meeting which is organized by Bangkok and Friday  blast was not near the meeting place.It was not clear whether the meeting was the target as after lot of investigation the Thailand police had found dummy bombs  and this was seen near the site of the meeting and this created little panic  but then it was  called harmless.There were 2 woman who were invovlved in thses dummy bombs planting and they were arrested .This meeting was attended by Wang Yi who is china top diplomat and United States Of America Secretary of state Mike Pompeo attended the meeting.

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