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  • Ahmed adeeb arrested by Maldives police.
  • Illegal entry by Ahmed
  • Ahmed was earlier convicted

Vice president of Maldives Ahmed adeeb was arrested by the Maldives police on Thursday . According to the police officials Ahmed Adeeb  was being brought the capital Male after his entry was refused into India .Ahmed Adeeb was arrested for unlawfully arriving by tugboat and he was arrested at thoothukudi .The history of him is that he was sentenced to 15 years in jail in 2016 as he had planned to kill the then president Abdulla Yameen.

An official from the Maldives foreign ministry said that Adeeb would reach the Indian ocean island by Monday.Three years ago Adeeb was also convinced for corruption and terrorism and where he had to face sentence of thirty three years . After giving undue reasons the court in the south Asian archipelago ordered demanded a fresh trial on these same charges .

Guernica which is a london based legal group of Adeeb said in the statement on Thursday and that he wanted protection in India and wanted political asylum after fleeing Maldives.

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