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  • Rakhi sawant married
  • Rakhi Sawant married to a respected businessman Ritesh
  • Plans to have baby by 2020

It has beeen confirmed by Rakhi Sawant that she has been married to an UK based businessman.Accroding to Rakhi Sawant she gets messages from fans .But one day she got a message a fan asking her why she is so low  and he was flabergasted how a fan could recognize her present state of mind to this the fan replied that he had been her fan for  very long period  and he knows how she feels and then Rakhi Sawant feel in love with him. She said that she was worried to reveal about her marriage because she would not get work and as she also does item numbers thus it would be more difficult for her to get the work in the indutstry.She feels the situation for her is not same for leading actress like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra who regularly get work despite them getting married.Rakhi Sawant feels she got married to the man of her dreams.They got married on July 28 in a five star hotel ,in Andheri  and Rakhi Sawant had dated Ritesh for a period of one year.Ritesh is supposed to be a well-respected businessman  and Rakhi had Hindus as well as Christian  wedding.Ritesh does not want to come in front of the media until they have babies. Rakhi  said that she plans to have babies by 2020 ,also like Farah Khan she wold like to have triplets .

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