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  • FIR against singer Pawan singh
  • Akshara files FIR against him.
  • A friend of Pawan Singh is the main accuse in this case.

For posting the obscene pictures and the videos of actor Akshara Singh on the internet Bhojpuri  singer Pawan Singh of lagavelu Lipstick popularity has been booked.Also  a First Information Report has been filed by him.The main accuse in First Information Report is the singer friend Vishnu Tiwari alias Surya as but yet no arrest has been made . The Malwani Police has been booked Pawan  and this is told by sources.The many sources say that Pawan Singh and Akshara to end their friendship as Pawan Singh had got married in 2018 March.Pawan Singh  did not want their friendship to end.According to Akshara Singh Pawan pressurized her not to end their friendship otherwise he would not allow her to work in the industry  and also she said that he threatened to kill her .They both  have worked together earlier  and Akshara has taken care of him  when he would be drunk.Thus when she tried to expose him then he started uploading obscene images and videos of hers online She thought she would take care of this on her own  but currently  she was not left with any option thus filed an First Information Report.

Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 06 Aug 2019 12:36pm IST

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