News By/Courtesy: Dhruv Kapadia. | 15 Aug 2019 10:38am IST


  • Maleeha lodhi is a permanent representative of Pakistan and represents United Nations.
  • Maleeha lodhi has been accused of stealing Pakistan.
  • Others accused her of manipulating tax payers money.

Maleeha Lodhi  is supposed to be the premanent reprasentative  of Pakistan and represents Pakistan to the United Nation.She ws accused by a Pakistani man where the man was seen saying that she is not deserving to  represent Pakistan and he also called her a thief.This was see in an video which was ciculated on various social media websites and also many other media channels where seen showing this video to their audience.Maleeha Lodhi was seen eluding the question raised by this man.Maleeha Lodhi also requested this man to not say so and the man denied to Maleeha Lodhi request and said that he would continue to do as he is  Pakistani.Maleeha Lodhi was seen answering  questions of media person when this man interrupted and asked Lodhi if he could ask her a few question and before she could answer it he started questioning her that since last 15-20 years what work has been done by them.The man said he will continue to ask the question to her because thi act was not against any legal provisions.Lodhi then was seen leaving but the man followed her and he was stopped but he still continued to shout and said that Lodhi was stealing the country and others accused her of manipulating the tax payers money.

Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 15 Aug 2019 11:00am IST

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