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  • Prime Minister Imran Khan vows to raise voice for Kashmir
  • The act of Modi is like the Nazis
  • The world Peace Keeping organisations will be responsible for the consequences that arise


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan vows to raise voice for Kashmir. He said these words while addressing a special session of the Pakistan Legislative Assembly on Wednesday.

Recently, the Indian Government has altered two articles of the constitution, article 35A and article370, that gives special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This act of India has been criticised by the political parties of Kashmir. The Pakistan Government has raised voices against this. Prime Minister Imran Khan has compared the act of the Indian Government with that of the Nazis. He added that if Narendra Modi tries to take any action to get into Pakistan, then the answer from Pakistan will be in full force.

“Now the world is looking at Kashmir and also Pakistan. We will internationalise the issue of Kashmir. The world must understand how dangerous RSS ideology is...the kind of statements coming out regarding Kashmiri women is the result of sick-minded ideology. The genie of RSS will not go back in the bottle. After Muslims, it will target Sikhs, Dalits, Christians.” Said the President.

He also mentioned that the international peace keeping communities remain silent inspite of the many complaints made to it. And if a war takes place they would be responsible for the consequences


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