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  • The Gibraltar released the Iranian super tank on Thursday
  • This was delayed due to the interference is the US, who didn’t allow it’s release.
  • Now, it is expected that Iran will release the British tank , Stena Imperio, held by it.

The Gibraltar, the British overseas territory, on Thursday released the Iranian super tank that was held by it for over a month.

The Iranian super tank, Grace 1, was finally allowed to leave the overseas British territory, after the court passed an order approving it’s departure . This action has been taken with a view that the Iran Government will release the British tanker, Stena Imperio, held by it. The Chief Justice of the court, Justice Dudley, said that the release of Grace 1 was delayed only because of the interference of the US, who didn’t to allow to release the tank. The Grace 1 was siezed for the reason that it violated the European Union sanctions on Syria. But the Iran Government regarded the seizure as an “act of piracy”. The crew of the ship was released even before the release of the ship. The crew consisted of four Indians- the Captain and three others.

This is the second time from May that the US has siezed a Iranian ship. Last year the US withdrew itself from Iran’s nuclear deal with the world power’s. This resulted in decline in crude oil sale internationally and also depreciated the value of the Iran currency, Rial.


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