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  • On August 16 trump made a phone call to Imran Khan
  • He suggested to Pakistan that the Kashmir issue can be solved bilaterally
  • This was proposed before the closed consultation meeting at the UNSC took place

On August 16 the United Nation Security Council held a closed consultation with it’s members to resolve the ongoing kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. American President has asked the Pakistan Prime Minister through a phone call to solve the issue bilaterally before the meeting was about to start.

Trump has been making many Opinions regarding the Kashmir issue for a long time. Previously he had offered that US would act as mediator between the two countries and resolve the problem. Though the Pakistan agreed to this, the indian Government refused for mediation. On the other hand, the Pakistan Government has constantly criticising about revoking of the special status of Kashmir on the ground that they affect the right of the people of Kashmir. So Pakistan called for au meeting of the UNSC members and resolve the issue. US has constantly supporting Pakistan in the Kashmir issue.

“ I welcome the UNSC meeting to discuss the serious situation in Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. It is for the first time in over 50 yrs that the world’s highest diplomatic forum has taken up this issue. There are 11 UNSC resolutions reiterating the Kashmiris right to self determination. And the UNSC meeting was a reaffirmation of these resolutions. Therefore, addressing the suffering of the Kashmiri people & ensuring resolution of the dispute is the responsibility of this world body.” – said the Pakistan Prime Minister In a tweet he made to highlight the UNSC consultation.


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