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  • North Korea is fired two missiles in it’s east coast
  • The missile was seen as a sign from Nirth Korea to the USA
  • South Korea has also dissorted this act of Nirth Korea

The controversies between US and North Korea have been going on for a long time. 

It got immense when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un refused to accept the terms proposed by the US government in denuclearisation in the meeting between him and the US President Donald Trump. From that day , North Korea conducted a number of tests on it’s nuclear weapons. On August 23, North Korea launched two un identified projectiles in it’s eastern coast. North Korea started conducted these tests since the US joined hands with South Korea. The yesterday’s test was conducted after the Pyongyang made a devastating attack on the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The US has imposed several sanctions on North Korea, forcing it for denuclearisation. Inspite of the sanctions North Korea is strong on it’s stand.

The US has got into good terms with South Korea which makes North Korea more vulnerable. The ties has been made strong by the meeting between the US President and the South Korean leader. Since then the US has made several Military assistances to South Korea. The US Government’s attempts to force North Korea to denuclearise has not been a succes till date . What the US Government is about to do next is a question yet to be answered.

Section Editor: Shrishti Mittal | 26 Aug 2019 17:46pm IST

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