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  • India removed the special status given to the state of Jammu and Kashmir , I. The first week of August
  • Since then , Pakistan made many moves against India
  • Ban on airing Indian channels is the last on the series of Paksitan moves

Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority warned the cable TV operators of Lahore against airing Indian contents and advertisements featuring Indian models.

Earlier, the Pakistan Government banned the airing of Indian contents and Indian models on the Pakistan TV channels. The ban was first passed in 2018. This year, the Pakistan Government reinstated the ban. This ban was reinstated after the Indian Government abrogated Article 370 of the constitution which gave special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The bill amending the Article was passed on the first week of August. Since then major controversies arose between India and Pakistan. The Pakistan Government has been firm in its decision of opposing India’s policy of abrogating Article 370.

Previously, Pakistan made requests to the UN Security Council. On accepting this request, the UNSC conducted a close consultation with it’s members . During the meeting India made it clear that abrogating Article 370 is an inside matter and Pakistan has no right to interfere with the same. The UNSC accepted this view of the Indian Government. After this , the Pakistan Government continuously made many moves against India, both directly and indirectly. The move of reinstating the ban on airing Indian advertisements and shows featuring Indian models was the last in the series of moves taken by the Pakistan Government.

Section Editor: Shrishti Mittal | 26 Aug 2019 17:51pm IST

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