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  • Sudanese ex-president Omar-Al-Bashir seeks bail while the trial is still pending
  • He was charged for illicitly possessing foreign currencies
  • He was thrown out of power for imposing sanctions on the US government and for the economic crises caused

The Sudan's ex-president, Omar-Al-Bashir, asked for bail in the Khartoum trial court while his trial was still pending.

Ahmed Ibrahim, Omar-Al-Bashir’s lawyer, said that the trial is just an ordinary trial and so there won’t be any problem in granting bail. Omar has been charged for illicit possessing of foreign currencies and for receiving gifts in a illicit manner. He applied for bail before the trial court. The court asked him to submit the bail application in writing . Before this a police officer reported that Omar-Al-Bashir confessed that he received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, but there was no material evidence that was submitted to prove the same.

Omar was the president of Sudan for 30 years. He was thrown from power by the military for the sanctions imposed on USA and for the economic crises that occurred. Hence he was overthrown by the Sudanese Military. Prior to this, during May, he was charged for incitement and was alledged to be involvement in killing protesters. The International Court of Justice that is situated in The Hague indicted for masterminding the genocide in Sudan darfar’s region. After all this, on August 21, Abdulla Hamdok was sworn in as the prime minister of Sudan.

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