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  • On August 24 the Pakistan SC convicted Nawaz Sharif for allegedly concealing his assets
  • Previously he has been convicted under multiple corruption cases
  • Presently, he is imprisoned in the Kat Lakhpat jail , Lahore

On August 24 the Pakistan Supreme Court convicted the former Pakistan Prime Minister for allegedly concealing his assets while contesting the election. Nawaz Sharif was the leader of the party by the name Pakistan Muslim League. He was an elected representative from the Lahore constituency. Nawaz was disqualified by the SC of Pakistan on 17, September, 2017. After his disqualification, a by-election took place in his constituency and Kilson Nawaz won the by-election.

The Pakistan SC observed that concealing facts allegedly is violative is Article-62 1-F of their Constitution. Prior to this Nawaz Sharif had already been convicted for one of the three corruption cases charged against him. He has been sentenced to imprisonment for a period of seven years. He has been imprisoned in the Kot Lakhpat jail ,Lahore. This was sentenced by the accountability court in the case in which the apex court convicted him in the Panama Papers case. The court also found that the testimony submitted by the Ex Prime Minister is a false one.

The court observed that concealing facts was against the public welfare and it affects the harmony of the entire country at large . Hence, actionable steps must be taken against the person who allegedly conceals the facts.

Section Editor: Shrishti Mittal | 28 Aug 2019 23:08pm IST

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