News By/Courtesy: Dhruv Kapadia. | 10 Aug 2019 12:30pm IST


  • 23000 pre bookings for SUV Kia motors.
  • Vehicle available in across 160 cities.
  • Plant has artificial intelligence and Robotics.

On Thursday it was said that around 23000 pre bookings had been made of the  Suv kia seltos.This declaration was made by the  Korean automaker  top official.The much praised vehicle produced at Anantapur  was rolled out by the automaker.After seeing that this vehicle meets the all the required conditions to function efficiently  in the Indian climate conditions and also it meets the requirement of those  places with difficult terrian conditions.The kia motors Vice president and  Head sales and Marketing declared that since the time they had opened the booking for the customer thorugh both online ebook options on the  official kia motors Indian website  and offline which was physically  booking at many Kia motors  shops .It was seen that around 23000 bookings were registered thorugh both online and offline platforms for Seltos.Also he said that in 160  cities  there will be establishment of 265  touch points across the country which makes the vehicle available to all people throughout the country.The prodcuing capacity at Anantapur is  300000 vehicles  and the plants has most up to date technology that is Artificial intelligence and Robotics.This plant also has the strength of water recycling.

Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 10 Aug 2019 12:34pm IST

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