News By/Courtesy: Dhruv Kapadia. | 12 Aug 2019 12:31pm IST


  • Suresh Raina undergoes knee surgery.
  • Doctors suggested that he should recover within 4-6weeks.
  • BCCI wishes him the luck for the fast and speedy recovery.

This was for the second time that  the Indian Cricketer Suresh Raina had undergone a knee surgery.This knee surgery was carried out in Amsterdam.Suresh Raina is now in the process of recovery.Suresh Raina through the medium of social media communicated about his knee surgery where he said that "after the surgery the healing  is taking place ,he also thanked all his friends ,family  and the others who had motivated him during the this tough period and wished for his fast recovery".He also  gave the history of this injury which started way back in 2007 and he had a surgery then and was back  to the cricket field giving his 100%.He also said how he had niggles last few  months but because of the help of his trainers where they helped him to train muscles  and remove any load from the knee but then the pain became intolerable so he decided to go for the knee surgery.According to the board of control  for cricket in India  the surgery of suresh raina was success.The recovery time given by them was around four to six weeks.They also said this knee pain was occruing since the past few weeks.To remove the issue Raina had to udergo the surgery.They also wished him fast recovery.

Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 12 Aug 2019 12:49pm IST

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