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  • Robert O'Brien is the new NSA
  • Fourth in two and half years of administration
  • Low Profile of Brien may be an asset for Trump

After the departure of John Bolton from the office of National Security Advisor amidst some differences with the POTUS of the United States, Donald Trump, a low key operative Robert C. O’Brien has been named as the new National Security Advisor of USA. In the United States, the National Security Advisors are appointed by the president without any approval of the United States Senate. This is the fourth replacement for the position by Trump who has been called out for attempting to elevate unknown figures for such crucial positions.

Robert was serving as a Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs at the US State Department and mainly as the chief hostage negotiator, since May 2018. O’Brien neither has the reputation nor the experience which his three predecessors claimed while in office. Nonetheless, a prominent task during his work in the hostage affairs was when he observed the trial of the American Rapper A$AP Rocky charged for assault.

At a juncture when the Trump Administration is facing serious turbulence on the international front due to series of attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure which has increased concerns for a confrontation with Iran, a standstill regarding nuclear talks with North Korea and a trade war with China called for a competent selection instead of an untested O’Brien. Loren Dejonge Schulman, a former National Security Council official under the Barack Obama tenure said: “the president does not much care for the national security process, has strong views in a narrow number of areas, and has a more personalized model of policy advice.”

Further, the appointment appears to be premeditated to strengthen the influence of Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State about foreign policy in the administration. Mike Pompeo is known to be the sole foreign policy official to have survived since the beginning of the Trump administration. He has been believed to have aligned his view to the pleasure of the president and majorly spoken in his favour.

Donald Trump is known to sideline officials whose personalities begin to shadow his, therefore an appointee like Robert O’Brien would be an asset for Trump-like administration.

Section Editor: Prithvjjit Mukherjee | 29 Sep 2019 21:40pm IST

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