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  • Trump Impeachment Probe initiated by the Democratic Party
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to open an official impeachment inquiry
  • Trump abuses the powers of his office

The Democratic Party has finally succeeded in its attempts to bring about an inquiry against Donald Trump after Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker announced that an official impeachment inquiry shall be proceeded against the current serving President. The inquiry shall be based on a whistle-blower’s complaint regarding a telephonic conversation between Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, which was held on July 25th wherein Trump abused his Presidential Powers. Trump has been accused of withholding 400 million dollar worth of military aid to Ukraine which had been previously sanctioned by the Congress.

A summary of the call released by the White-House reveals that Trump pressurized Zelensky to aid him in investigating and collecting evidence against former Vice President Joe Biden who is running against him on behalf of the Democrats for the Presidential Office.

Trump has said in an interview that the conversation between him and the President of Ukraine was in no way wrong and it was in fact a “Perfect Call” and all allegations made against him are nothing but “Witch Hunt Garbage”. However, the House has declared a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump which shall prove the credibility of the President.

Trump has, however, warned his countrymen and recently in an interview addressed that the Democrats are posing a threat to the smooth-running of the Country and it US “is at stake like never before”. Yesterday afternoon, he resorted to Twitter wherein he posted a video calling the impeachment inquiry a scam and alerts his supporters that the Democrats are trying to stop him because he is fighting for them- his countrymen. In his tweets he also mentioned that the Ukraine President has said at the UN that he had in no way felt pressurized by Trump during the infamous phone call.

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