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  • The US House of Representatives have called for an investigation into Trump's phone call with the Ukranian President where actions which would benefit Trump's 2020 Presidential Campaign.
  • The said conversation came into light by a classified whistleblower who released a statement on 26th September.
  • President Trump’s personal attorney, Mr. Rudolph Guiliani has been issued a subpoena to release the documents of the said telephonic conversation.

On 26th September, a classified whistleblower released a statement that multiple US Governmental Agencies that President Trump was using his office of power to solicit foreign powers to help his 2020 Presidential Campaign. They were requested to run interference – one of them being to investigate one of his Presidential Rivals. The whistleblower also stated that President Trump’s personal attorney, Mr. Rudolph Guiliani and Attorney General Barr were involved in such transactions.

On the morning of 25th September, President Trump had a telephonic conversation with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy where Trump pressured Zelenskyy to take actions which would ultimately help the 2020 Presidential Campaign including:

  • To initiate or continue the investigations into Former Vice President and candidate for 2020 Presidential elections, Joe Biden and his son.
  • To help in uncovering Russian involvements in 2016 Presidential elections that originated in Ukraine – specifically to locate and turn over the servers used by the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
  • To interact with Mr. Rudolph Guiliani and Attorney General Barr, who were mentioned explicitly as his personal envoys.

Later in the evening, the White House initiate a lock down on all records of the conversation, specifically the word-for-word transcript of the conversation. 2 US officials have also stated that the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo was also on the said phone call.

This statement has realized an impeachment probe into President Trump’s activities by the Democratic House along with more than half of the US House of Representatives calling for impeachment of Trump.

In the most recent developments, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff stated that the hearing shall start as soon as next week and that Trump’s personal attorney Mr. Rudolph Guiliani has been issued a subpoena for the documents related the phone call to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Trump contacted the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to help Attorney General Barr with the Russian probe. Trump also stated that he would like to meet with the whistleblower, The whistleblower’s attorney has announced that he is entitled to anonymity and releasing his name shall go against federal laws.

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