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  • On 1st October while China celebrated 70th anniversary of the Communist rule, Hong Kong took to the streets to protest against the extradition bill.
  • During the protests police fired live ammunition at a 18 year old boy and further injured 51 others. A rubber bullet also blinded a journalist in one eye.
  • The violence by both sides was condemned by UK Foreign Secretary who asked a proper dialogue to take place to come up with a solution.

A proposed extradition law in Hong Kong has raised many eyebrows amongst the citizens. The bill allows fugitives to be extracted back into mainland China.  A huge amount of protests have been going on since June. They claim that since Hong Kong is only partially under the control of China, this bill is a way for Mainland China and its government (The communist Party) to increase their control over the region.

On 1st of October, the Communist Party of China celebrated its 70th anniversary of ruling. In Hong Kong, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the extradition bill. Over the months, the police used tear gas, rubber bullets and beanbag rounds to fire at the protestors. But the day’s protest escalated to new heights as the police shot at an 18 year old man with live ammunition.  Furthermore, 51 other people – ages ranging from 11 to 75 have also been injured as of 8pm local time. It is reported that 2 are in critical condition and 2 others in serious condition. Many a journalists were also injured including one who was hit by a rubber bullet blinding her in one eye. It was also reported that the protesters were asked to leave the Legislative Council albeit the events inside are still not made public. 

As Hong Kong was under the British control until 1997, the UK Foreign Secretary made an official announcement condemning the disproportionate force after the usage of the live ammunition to injure the teenage protestor. He also stated that there needs to be a “constructive dialogue” between the protestors and the government to address the “legitimate concerns of the people of Hong Kong” and both should restraint themselves.

The new level of violence brought a bigger shock to those who are already worried about police brutality.  The events of the day brought a new wave of anger amongst the people of Hong Kong and shall likely prolong the unrest in the region.

Section Editor: Prithvjjit Mukherjee | 03 Oct 2019 0:35am IST

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