News By/Courtesy: K.M.Kalidharun | 03 Sep 2019 21:58pm IST


  • Air strike by the Saudi led coalition
  • Caused death of more than 100 civilians
  • The ICRC provides the necessary relief measures to the civilians

The coalition led by Saudi Arabia conducted an air strike in a prison in Yemen, which caused the death of more than 100 civilians.

The International committee of Red Cross arrived at the city of Dhamar where the scene took place with necessary facilities and more than 100 body bags. The coalition claimed that the attack was planned on a military base run by the Saudi rebels popularly known as the Huthis. The Huthis claimed that the place of strike was a secret prison. The ICRC head for Yemen Franz Rauchenstein said that the place of strike is an abandoned college building that has been collecting dust for many years and has been used as a detention centre. The crises in Yemen is going on since 2015, when the Iran aligned Huthis rebelled against the coalition. This has led to the death of more than 10000 civilians since 2015. The UN has blacklisted the coalition for killing women and children. Meanwhile, the coalition accuses the Huthis for using civilians as human shields in Yemen.

“This is a traditional Huthi tactic and a violation of the laws of armed conflict. This site was not registered with the United Nations (and) was not on the No Strike List,” coalition spokesman Turki Al-Malki said in a statement.


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