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  • Deadline ended on 31st October
  • NSCN-IM and NNPG representing the Naga cause
  • Major roadblock- Question of separate flag and constitution for the Naga state

The  ministry of Home Affairs, in a statement on Thursday, clarified that no specific conclusion has been arrived at in the Naga Peace talks; deadlines for which concluded on Thursday. The ministry also said that interests and opinions of all stakeholders- Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh will be taken into account before any decision is finalised.

The press release dismissed any and all rumours which claimed a conclusion to the talks had been reached. It also stated that such rumors are “creating anxiety and concern in some parts of the country.”

A major hinderance in the progression of the negotiations with the NSCN-IM is over the issue of a separate flag and constitution for the Nagas. However, the NNPG, an umbrella of seven insurgent groups has been far been more flexible in their conditions, giving up this demand. Instead, they have demanded that the seats in the State Assembly be increased from 60 to 90, that the number of members from Nagaland in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha be increased, and that an “upper house system” be put in place in Nagaland which is to have Members of Legislative Councils, apart from MLAs.

On Wednesday, Nagaland governor and the government’s chief interlocutor for the Indo-Naga Peace Accord, R N Ravi held back to back meetings with the NSCN-IM as the deadline to NSCN-IM the Naga settlement issue was today. “We don’t believe that the matter can be resolved by October 31, as PM Modi has desired… But this stalemate can definitely be resolved by the end of this year,” said a source in the NSCN-IM.

The meetings were scheduled after Prime Minister Narendra Modi set a three-month deadline to find a solution to the 60-year Naga dispute, compelling both the government and the insurgent leaders to speed up the process to meet the October 31 deadline.



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