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  • Ratings: 1.5/5 – | 8.1/10 – IMBD | 2.5/5 – TOI
  • Manvi Gagroo is impressive in her character.
  • “Dilon ki baat karta hain someone looking Mohabbat Aaj bhi chehre se hoti hain,

Ujda Chaman is the story of 30-year-old Hindi lecturer Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh) at a university in Delhi. In the story He often finds himself becoming a butt of jokes because of his receding hairline. Right from his scholars in the university to his allies, everyone ridicules Chama’s baldness and calls him names. On the other hand, Chaman’s parents want him to get hitched as early as possible. While our hero dreams of hooking up with a beautiful woman, things strike a dramatic twist when an astrologer predicts that Chaman has only a year to find his suitable match, else he would suffer to be a celibate.

A misfortunate Chaman tries every trick in the script to find his woman of dreams. In the process, he adds up across a sly first-year student, an alluring economics teacher, and an overweight make-up artist. The sole query on all creative thinkers is that will Chaman finally find his lifetime mate?

For those who are not aware, Sunny Singh’s Ujda Chaman is based on the Kannada flick, ‘Oneida Motteya Kathe’. While the latter received rave revues for its song narration and profound thematic premise, its Bollywood counterpart fails to check off all the corners. Despite an interesting concept, it’s the weak screenplay and direction which makes the film fall flat.

As a balding man, Sunny Singh tries to make you feel for his reference. Regrettably, he is let down by the faltering script. The actor simply fails to set out his shining moment in the movie.

Manvi Gagroo is impressive in her character. Karishma Sharma and Ekta Ahuja have also portrait well. Sharib Hashmi also puts up a broad show.

Sudhir K Chaudhary’s cinematography goes well with the movie. A little tighter grip on the editing scissors by Mitesh Soni, especially in the second half could have reversed the movie a bit.

Barring ’Bandeya’ which has some beautiful lyrics, the other songs rarely leave a scar.

“Dilon ki Baat Karta hain someone looking Mohabbat Aaj Bhi chehre se hoti hai,” quips a character while attempting to explain how true love is all about covering each other along with the shortcomings. It’s a bittersweet moment in ‘Ujda Chaman’. Unhappily, there are very few such scenes in this sunny Singh starrier. While the movie had its intentions in the right place, its’ bleak screenplay, and direction which fail to not make it a memorable watch.





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