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  • Autonomous Human Help using IoT+AI+Blockchain
  • Critical Asset Track and Trace using IoT+Blockchain
  • Hands on Workshop

Day 2 of Data Convergence Summit On Dec 15th  started with Hands on Workshop Demoing two use cases, the first one being Autonomous Human Help Application using IoT/Edge devices, keras and Tensorflow libraries and IPFS Blockchain  Second Critical Asset Track and Trace Application using RFID sensors, EDGE Gateways and IOTA Tangle

This post covers the first use case defining the problem statement followed by solution , Technology, development and deployment.

Autonomous Human Help  and Automatic Face Detection , Track and Trace

Problem Statement : Based on the current Traffic scenarios, it is found out that the fatality rates have increased both on highways and in urban areas during the past few years. Typical areas where the fatalities seem to be on the highest, are around: - Pedestrians and non-motorists in urban areas - Pedestrians, non-motorists, and slow vehicles on highways - Motorcycles and Small cars in urban areas - Over-involvement of trucks and buses – Night time driving - Wrong-way drivers on divided highways

Solution, Technology and Deployment(IoT+AI+Blockchain)

A Hands on Workshop was delivered where the Data Sources were captured at the IoT Edge ,  Raspberry pi 3 along with RPI Camera and data is pushed to AWS S3 automatically , The captured data , AI model is trained locally using Keras , Tensorflow libraries and ready for deployment. Flask based UI developed and tested for automatic detection of images and finally send an SMS alert to the concerned department if an action needs to be required . The Image detected was put on IPFS Blockchain Application for the track and Trace Functionality.  Also the team worked on Automatic self detection of their individual faces , on the captured images , trained a model and deployed using Flask to automatically detect their face using Image classification of Computer Vision Technique of AI Family. 





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