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  • IMD predicted
  • Dense to very dense fog
  • Temperature likely to to fall

Indian Metrological Department (IMD) stated that 'Cold Wave' conditions likely to set in.

The severe cold shiver which impacted the entire NCR last week is likely to continue in the coming week as well with "cold wave" like conditions which are predicted to set in Delhi and in the neighbouring states post Christmas.

Sunday was also declared as a "severe" cold day, with maximum temperature of 14.6 degrees Celcius, and a minimum temperature of 7.4 degrees Celcius. There was dense fog in the early morning hours with less than 150m visibility at 5:30am and only 700m visibility at 8:30am. However, there was sunshine later in the day and the chilly winds helped disperse the pollution which had set in with the fog. This also brought down the air quality index (AQI) from 418 in the "severe" category to 322 in the "very poor" category. The air quality is likely to remain in the lower end of the "very poor" to "poor" category on December 23 and 24, according to the ministry of earth sciences. The wind speed was about 15Kmph on Sunday.

Kuldeep Srivastava, head, Regional Weather Forecasting Centre stated that cold wave conditions are expected to set in over Delhi, Haryana, and north Rajasthan from around December 27. But before that severe cold conditions will prevail. Clear skies are expected after 25th December, low wind speed which will cause night time temperature to fall significantly. All this is mainly because of radiational cooling when ground radiates heat away at night. The relative humidity is also high so there may be dense fog in the morning hours.

According to IMD, a "severe cold day" is registered when two things happen- the minimum temperature drops to less than 10 degrees Celcius and the maximum temperature is 6.4 degrees Celcius below normal.

While a "cold day" is registered when the minimum temperature is less than 10 degrees Celcius and the maximum is 4.4 degrees Celcius below normal.


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