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  • Most Prolific Rapist in a British Court
  • Life term imprisonment - minimum 30-Years till parole
  • Judgement passed on Monday 6 January,2020


A 36-year-old British Man, Reynhard Sinaga convicted of drugging, videotaping-cataloging the rapes and also, sexually assaulting 48 young men in Manchester was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment on Monday. Prosecutors call him, “the most prolific rapist till date in a British court”.

The Convict was found guilty of carrying out a 21/2-Year campaign in which he took the advantage of drunk young men outside the Manchester Clubs and, allured them to his nearby apartment.

He also manipulated the victims by saying that, he would give them a place to sleep or get their phone’s recharged but instead of that, he would actually give them drinks spiked with calmatives before taking any step ahead, said the prosecutors.

Sinaga committed the rapes without anyone noticing until a June morning in the year 2017 when an 18-year-old victim woke up in the middle of being assaulted. The boy beat up Sinaga and escaped with his cellphone. Some of the investigators mentioned that there was a huge number of data related to the victim’s photos, ID’s, videos, etc. in his device and the evidences proof that the convict was involved in more than 190 cases of assaulting. The detectives couldn’t identify the victims and are still working on it. After being convicted in his latest trails in court which had begun in 2018. Each of Sinaga’s fourth trail dealt with 10-13 victims, he was found guilty of 159 offenses, including 136 anal rapes.

At his hearing in Manchester Crown Court on Monday, Judge Suzzane Goddard passed a judgement for Sinaga’s lifetime imprisonment without the possibility of parole- an unprecedented punishment for a crime other than murder – before settling the case on the 30-Year minimum term, British news reports said.

“In my judgement you are highly dangerous, cunning and deceitful individual who will never be safe to be released, but that is the matter for the Parole Board”, the Judge said.


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