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  • Foreign minister Javad Zarif to visit India next week
  • India expected to convey to Iran that peace and stability are important
  • Zarif is listed as a speaker at the Raisina Dialouge that gathers foreign and defence policy planners.

New Delhi: Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif will be in New Delhi next week when, Zarif is listed as a speaker at the Raisina Dialogue that gathers strategic analysts, foreign and defence policy planners including ministers from different countries. The three-day event is co-hosted by India's foreign ministry and the New Delhi based Observer Research Foundation.

India is expected to convey that peace, stability and security in the gulf region is of importance given to the world's dependence of fuel imports. On Thursday, Indian foreign ministry spokesman Ravneesh Kumar said that Zarif was still expected for the event despite a spike in tensions between the US and Iran over Friday's killing of an Iranian Quds Force commander Qassen Soleimani. While analysts concluded that Iran and US had signaled their intent not to esclate matters, news reports on Thursday said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had warned of a "very dangerous response" if the US makes "another mistake" with another senior Iranian commander vowing "harsher revenge" for the killing of Soleimani, an Associated Press report said. On Thursda, US defence secretary Mark Esper telephones his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh and discussed the tensions in the Gulf region. "Secretary Esper briefed Singh about the recent developements in the Gulf region. Singh shared India's stakes, interests and concerns," a person familiar with the developements said"

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