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How does one decide to absorb the reality of a short life? How does one seek to find happiness in the worst of situations, relief in the worst of pains?

The Sky Is Pink is a movie that tackles such philosophical concepts via a simple but heart -breaking story inspired by true events. The movie focuses on the life of a couple (Farhan Akhtar and Priyanka Chopra) that is riddled with sorrows that are caused due to a genetic complication which causes an immense risk to childbirth.

Their complications pass on to an unplanned daughter who now enters the world with an extremely weak immunity, only to result in financial strain and increased struggle to raise funds for the treatment of the ailing infant. Despite a gradual improvement in the financial condition of this family, the health of the daughter still remains at risk, resulting in her ultimate demise after a little over twenty years. The movie highlights the endurance of this family to give their daughter a big and enjoyable life even though it is guaranteed to be short.

The message of this story is simple and significant in the course of the movie – to enjoy every living moment that one has, even if one’s life is to come to an end soon. The only way to keep going is to appreciate what one has at present and live in the moment without worrying about the future.

With all the actors donning their roles with utmost dedication, the screen is full of raw emotion that invariably brings tears to the eyes of the audience. The determination of each character to put aside the sorrows of having to lose a loved one in the near future and provide her with the happiest possible life she could ever have lived, complete with the fulfilment of all her dreams and ambitions, puts across a powerful and inspiring message.

Each actor’s portrayal of their role is noteworthy, be it Priyanka Chopra’s feisty yet soft- hearted attitude, Farhan Akhtar’s strength in mere expressions, Rohit Saraf’s depiction of the pain of separation from a loved one, and most importantly Zaira Wasim’s impeccable show of a range of emotions to show her agonising short – lived, yet joyous existence.

Overall, the plot and idea behind the story consists of bold themes that Indian cinema is yet to explore. A refreshing idea from that point of view, this movie encourages one to see the positive in the challenges of life.

The screenplay of The Sky is Pink is praiseworthy, with some hard-hitting dialogues by each character. The background is pleasing as well.

However, a criticism that is glaring to the eyes of the audience is that the movie often focussed on parts that were not very relevant to the message that was intended to be put across. For example, unnecessary emphasis was given to the backstory before the birth of the ailing daughter. This resulted in the movie seeming more like a love story than one of the struggle of the daughter, hence resulting in confusion. Such emphasis could have instead been given to the bonds that the daughter formed in the course of her short yet wonderful life.

The movie is definitely a must watch for those who seek to gain perspective and positivity.

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