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A sport that is known to make India proud at international events for years is Wrestling. Wrestling has brought various faces to limelight, a small token credit to those individuals who have indulged day and night in a rough contact sport with the determination to make the country proud.

A family name synonymous to the sport is the family of the Phogats, whose dedication to the sport was so inspiring that it paved way for the blockbuster movie Dangal, starring Amir Khan.

Out of this lot of immense talent, one name stands out – Vinesh Phogat. Vinesh Phogat is a twenty five year old female wrestler who has represented India in numerous tournaments across the world in the 48 kilogram, 50 kilogram and 53 kilogram freestyle wrestling.

Having won her first ever medal in an international tournament at the young age of 19, Vinesh Phogat has never failed to make the country proud with her continuous achievements. Starting with the bronze in the Asian Wrestling Championships (2013), Vinesh went on to bag more medals in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships (2013), Commonwealth Games (2014) and Asian Games (2013), very early in her career.

Having reached the tournament of her dreams in 2016, a win at the Olympics at Rio was not destined for her. A tragedy hit this swift wrestler, who was forced to surrender at the quarter finals due to a severe knee injury. But this did not stop the fierce woman. The injury did no damage to her determination, it only strengthened her will to face all the challenges to come.

Immediately after recovery of her knee, she started wrestling again, now defeating any opponent on the mat. She went on to win gold medals in the 50 kilogram weight category in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games in 2018.

2019 was another bright year for Vinesh, with a bronze at the 2019 Asian Wrestling Championships and two gold medals at prestigious international tournaments. 2019 has also made Vinesh Phogat the first Indian wrestler to make an entry into the Olympics 2020, with a bronze medal in the World Wrestling Championships. This also makes Vinesh the first female Indian wrestler to have qualified to the Olympics through the World Wrestling Championships with her bronze medal. Such a feat is praiseworthy.

Vinesh Phogat has proven herself as a strong female representative of India all over the world, and is a major threat to the international players. Such an impressive ascent to victory is sensational. Her consistency despite injury is also inspirational. She is the leading example of inherent talent that has been moulded into skill through continuous hard work.

A danger to all on the mat against her, this woman should be watched out for. Her speed and technique must be appreciated. All hopes are riding on this fabulous sportswoman to make India proud with a victory at the Olympics, which are to be held from 24 July 2020 – 9 August 2020. We must cheer her on and provide her emotional strength and support to achieve what female wrestlers have been trying for years – a gold medal at the most prestigious tournament, the Olympics.


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