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Apple has disclosed that affected IPhone XS, IPhone XS Max, IPhone XR manufactured between January 2019 to October 2019 will be permitted to be a part of the free battery replacement program.

In the company’s recent post on its official blog, Apple said it was found that some smart battery cases made for IPhone XS, IPhone XS Max, IPhone XR may have started experiencing battery charging issues but there is nothing to worry as the solution has been discussed and executed, we have come up with the battery replacement program which will be free of cost.

Elaborating on the issue Apple said, an affected Smart Battery Case may show some of the following behaviors- One: Battery case might not charge steadily when plugged into power or; Two: Battery case might not charge the device at all.

The basic need to get your device enrolled into this would be, to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider nearby, take an appointment at an Apple Retail Store, but prior to any of the services it is notified that the smart battery case must be examined by Apple Authorized Service Provider so as to make sure that your device is eligible for the program.

In one of the blog post, the company has marked, it may limit repair to the original country or region of purchase of the product. This clearly implies that if you have purchased an IPhone XR from India or outside the country, the battery replacement program process will be conducted in the respective countries.

It has further stated that this program doesn’t extend the standard warranty coverage of the Smart Battery Case.  The program covers affected smart battery case for 2 years after the first retail sale of the unit.


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