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The deepest struggle that one faces is within oneself. The magnitude of loss that one feels on the loss of a loved one is identical across all, beyond all the barriers that we as human beings have constructed amongst ourselves. The true victory we will see is when we start to realise the same and break each and every discriminatory barrier to identify and understand each other’s pain. In unity lies the solution.

Such a powerful message in simply two hours is what Masaan is all about. The plot of the movie is simple yet enchanting, leaving an impact so big that it leaves one pondering over what we often tend to ignore in our day to day lives.

Masaan follows two stories – the tragic incidents in the life of an upper caste woman who, irrespective of her caste identity is poor, and the story a lower caste man who is reminded of his position in society by the mere occupation of his family.

The woman of the story is one who struggles with the stigma of society revolving around a woman and gets trapped in a terrible incident where her partner commits suicide on threats of being exposed for having indulged with her. This woman hence not only has to face her father’s fury due to insult by the society, but also has to watch a policeman take advantage of her vulnerable situation and exploit her father of more wealth than he has ever had. This woman however is stands strong despite these challenges, and ultimately crosses all these hurdles successfully by not only fulfilling her dreams but also financially supporting her father through this tough time. In the course of these events, she is seen to grow stronger and overcome her suppressed grief of losing a loved one.

The man in the story belongs to a family that burns dead bodies. However, his family ensures that despite a low societal standing and financial position, the boy receives an education. In the course of his education, he falls in love with a woman of an upper caste. This love story is seen to undergo various problems, starting with the embarrassment about belonging from a lower social order, followed by an established lack of acceptance of inter caste marriages, and finally a sudden shocking event that does the man and his lover apart permanently. Through the course of these events, the man too is seen transforming and evolving in terms of his confidence however, having been shattered by separation. He is seen to rise from the ashes at the end of the movie where he meets the woman – this resulting in a connection of both the initially parallel storylines.

A major theme of this movie is hope. Hope is what keeps one going. Despite major hurdles in one’s life, every single day of hoping for a better day to come is the key to survival. Life takes a cruel path but one must take a lesson out of it.

The main cast namely, Vicky Kaushal, Richa Chadha and Shwetha Tripathi have showcased their brilliance, with a simple expression speaking a thousand words. The movie has been fabulously directed and is definitely one of the finest films Indian cinema has witnessed.

Masaan is a must watch, with a message that must be imparted to all.

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