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There exists no barrier in one’s life when one dreams to take on a path. Caste, creed, religion, economic status are mere constructs of society and are insignificant once one makes up one’s mind to achieve something. The bitterness of struggle converts into sweet memories when you accomplish what you set your mind to.

A philosophical message of such depth can be taken away from the movie Gully Boy. Starring Ranveer Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Kalki Koechelin, this movie depicts the incidents in the life of a poor boy whose jump from rags to riches is inspiring.

The storyline of the movie revolves around Ranveer Singh who belongs from a lower socio- economic background. Such sections of society are often so jaded and hardened by the poor treatment given to them that dreams and ambitions are often beyond their imagination. But this is not the case by the character portrayed by Ranveer Singh. This boy, despite facing continuous violence from his father who is not accepting of his ambitions, is ready to take on all the challenges that come in his path to achieve what he dreams of – a rap artist.

Starting from scratch, this boy builds himself towards his dream. From befriending an established rap artist who introduces him to the culture of underground rap, this boy converts his writings in the solitude of his home to spitfire amongst crowds of rap artists that are pitched against each other to make it big in their lives. Despite numerous struggles of self doubt, lack of acceptance and constantly being shown his place in the societal structure, this boy, though faced with the worst of difficulties, keeps his strength of will. Ingrained in his music are his stories, his experiences of being shunned by the privileged for doing a job that is not considered well off in society – the job of a driver.

This boy defies all odds, fights the stigma that society has created for him and ultimately competes in a rap competition which he ultimately wins. The victory shows him what nothing in his life ever could – appreciation for who he is and what he does. Throughout his journey his friends help him tirelessly to achieve his dream.

Apart from the established actors who flawlessly portrayed their respective characters, a debutant worth mentioning is Siddhant Chaturvedi. His portrayal of a loyal friend who is extremely helpful and motivating, is very pleasing to watch.

This movie is loosely based on the life of the renowned rap artist Vivian Divine, a man who has taken the Hindi rap culture to soaring heights with his meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes. The struggles of this man and many others like him who are well known rap artists today, is highlighted in the movie. The movie also motivates those who are still in the process of becoming famous rap artists to keep trying despite the hurdles.

In popular culture today, Hindi rap has become a huge hit with shows that showcase the skills of rap artists and various rap performances all over the country. This movie made a huge impact on audiences across all ages, opening the gates of rap culture to the unaware crowds of the country.

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