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A section of society in India and various other countries that has historically been looked down upon or stigmatised is the LGBTQI+ community. This community consists of a section of society that have a different gender identity or sexual orientation, namely, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and other related people.

A well known issue that must be tackled is the need of the societies all around the world to be more accepting of the aforesaid people who simply have a different preference in terms of attraction. There have been numerous incidents in this regard where the revelation of a gender identity that is not what the society considers normal has resulted in terrible outcomes. The consequences that these people are made to face for merely expressing a part of their identity are inhuman and outright intolerant. Many people from the LGBTQI+ community, due to no fault of their own, are currently disowned and homeless, resulting in terrible living conditions. Apart from this, the stigma that they are made to face is to a sickening degree.

For the progression of society towards acceptance and elimination of derogatory terms as well as bad connotations towards these people, it is extremely important that awareness is spread to clear all the misconceptions and fears in the minds of the people. With new found knowledge and information on the LGBTQI+ community, and an establishment of the fact that these are people are not bad human beings to deserve such treatment, the society can finally be welcoming to all. This will result in the increase in the motivation and morale of the community as well. No human being should be put through such mental agony and also physical pain in many circumstances of violence.

The most appealing way of creating a favourable atmosphere for these people is by showing the general public what the lives of the LGBTQI+ community actually is like and how they are being shunned and oppressed even though they have no fault of their own. An educative message from a person from that very community is powerful enough to change the minds of many people.

A television show that incorporates all these elements is Queer Eye, launched in the United States. This show revolves around five gay men who travel all around the world helping families receive makeovers in terms of appearance, personality, household and lifestyle. In the course of these five people moving around and lightening the heavy emotional burdens that lie with individuals all over the world, they also send out educative and emotional messages about their own struggles with their sexuality and societal acceptance. In the course of the show, what the audience takes with them is a heart wrenching feeling of how such kind and magnanimous human beings are being mistreated and caste aside simply for their sexual orientation.

Belonging from the LGBTQI+ community is not wrong. A mere gender identity cannot be big enough to overshadow the personality and nature of a person. In a world of economic and scientific development, it is time that we develop our thought process as well.

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