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The Second World War saw a side of the human race that was too violent and inhuman. On one side the Allies fought the Central Powers with an ultimate victory, and on the other hand, one of the strongest participating countries was embroiled in a bitter condition within itself – one where a section of society was being butchered and tortured to death.

Anti semination and the Holocaust are both terms that every person is familiar with. These terms are capable of bringing a shiver down our spines, tears down our eyes. The idea of these terms, that were seen at their peak, were that they focussed on the elimination of an entire race altogether – the Jews.

During those times, Hitler had risen to power in Germany. With an increased subservience to his power and authority, there was ample freedom for the dictator to do whatever he fancied. Unfortunately, the consequences of his thoughts and ideas consisted of getting rid of an entire faith, claiming it to be the survival of the fittest.

In this time of utmost terror, every house was being searched and the details of every Jewish person was being recorded, irrespective of their age, gender or any other such factor. Initially having being segregated and constrained to limited rights, the worst was yet to come.

Every Jewish family was caught by the Nazi officials and sent to concentration camps, where they had to live in the worst living condition possible. They were made to work every single day for very long hours, with nothing but minimal and limited bread provided for survival. They were overcrowded in bunkers that had no mattress or anything comfortable to sleep on. The hygiene level was so poor that it resulted in the spread of the worst of diseases. They had to survive the most bitter cold and work without anything warm to wear. They were separated in terms of gender, made to go bald and forced into such conditions, often even being made to walk miles from one camp to another. Any minor error or inability to match the daily requirement of prescribed working standards and the individuals will be forced to inhale toxic gas resulting in their death. With torturous experiments on twins and gassing of young children and weak individuals, the camps were the biggest forms of terror that the world has seen.

Anne Frank was a powerful woman who belonged to a Jewish family at this time of atrocity. While in hiding to avoid being sent to this terrible camp, she wrote her personal struggles in her diary. Despite her abominable condition, this woman stayed strong. She appreciated the good in her life and celebrated her opportunity of staying alive. Everyday her hope shone though, with her positive messages about how she wants to inspire people via her writings.

Nothing perturbed Anne Frank. She lived the life of a normal teenager, facing all that one goes through while growing up. No part of the drastic turn of events reducing a rich, influential and popular girl into a poor woman who has not seen sunlight in days affected her cheerful nature. All that she felt till the last day of her diary entry was hope that she will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Though Anne Frank was ultimately captured from hiding and forced into the terrible camp, ultimately resulting in her death by typhus, her literature lives on. Her presence via words continues to guide many through tough times, sparking a light of hope in the desolate, encouraging everyone to enjoy their lives of privilege.

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