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  • 12 people bailed
  • area of incident - New Seelampur Chowk
  • .

Recently on December 17 people gathered at the new Seelampur Chowk to protest against the citizenship law. Delhi Court on Wednesday granted the permission to bail 12 people who were arrested due to association in the violent protest against the amended citizenship law. In an additional session, Judge Lalit Kumar bailed 12 after imposing a fine of Rs.15000 per head.

On December 18, eleven people were sent to judicial custody for 14 days as they were involved in the Seelampur violence case. Three people were arrested and two were granted bail earlier.

The angry mob threw pebbles and bricks at the police personnel. The mob attacked on the motor bikes, the public and private buses.

The Police officials were forced to impose the Lathi-Charges on the public. Approx 22 people including the 12 officers were injured due to the hustle.

On December 20, there was a violent attack that broke out between the police and the protesters in Old Delhi’s Darya Ganj, the police said that the “outsiders” from North East Delhi were to be blamed.

The main violence in Seelampur occurred after the Delhi Police cracked down against the locals and students who gathered for the protesters at Jamia Milia Islamia University against the Citizenship Amendment Act.


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