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Since Ancient times Tibet has been inseparable part of China and the law makes it clear that it is the responsibility of different ethical groups to safeguard the national reunification, stand together as one towards brotherhood and make a clear stand against separatism, reported PTI.

On Saturday, the people’s Congress of Tibet passed a law that makes the ethical unity in the region mandatory, reflecting the significant role of different regional groups in its social and economic development. These regulations will come into effect from May 1 onwards and will “Strengthen Ethnic Unity”.

More than 40 ethical minorities comprise of 95% of Tibet Population. The Chinese President, Xi Jinping has requested the people to strengthen the community spirit and has made a call for ethical groups to unite. In September 2019 at an event of giving honors, Jinping emphasized that patriotism should be a priority and in November 2019, the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Community and the State Council published an outline for promoting patriotic education in the new phase as of the bigger thought of development, brotherhood and nation building. Therefore, patriotic education plays a vital role for having “ethical unity”. This

According to a paper published by The Jamestown Foundation, in China different ethical group join together and are considered to progress at different speeds towards one common goal that is – Socialism and Harmony.

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