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Iran is a country that has for years had regressive policies that its masses are dissatisfied with. The country has over the past enforced laws, many of which are discriminatory and many others awarding grave penalties for crimes that are not considered as grave in society.

Iran gives limited rights to women, restricting their travel and appearance. They must be covered in hijabs and are allowed to travel only after the written permission of their spouses. Further, citizenship permits will not pass on to males who are outsiders, discriminatory to the treatment given to the opposite sex. They are also not allowed to watch many sports that are male dominated. There exists laws for all of the above, hence clearly allowing discrimination to take place between both the sexes.

One such woman who has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of sixteen years is Yasaman. The “offense” that she has committed is taking her headscarf off in a public space. In a woman only train in Tehran, she uncovered her head and distributed her flowers to other women on International Women’s Day 2019. For this kind gesture she is being made to undergo imprisonment.

Further grave punishments such as flogging is given to people who indulge in drinking alcoholic beverages and extramarital intercourse. Death penalty is given too for certain crimes, even if committed at childhood. Adultery, drug offenses, renouncement of religion and homosexuality are amongst the crimes that result in a death sentence. The biggest problems here are that crimes such as adultery and drug offenses may be justified to be punishable, such a grave punishment attached to these offenses are outright inhuman. Apostasy and homosexuality are personal choices that must not be punishable.

In such a situation of draconian laws and suppression along with an economic slowdown and corruption, many people started to come out in protests, starting from 2017 and continuing as frequently as possible. However, all these protests were peaceful and in consonance with the right to assembly and expression.

In order to curb the protests, there was a brutal violence done with many protesters killed. Security forces has shot at crowds that contained children as well. Physical force has been used on these protesters including the ones who are detained, with force such flogging, hitting, punching and other forms of oppression.

Many more were arbitrarily arrested, that too, in large numbers. These numbers included many students from universities. A lot of these protesters are still detained and arrested till date. Human rights defenders and human rights lawyers have not been treated in a humane manner. Sufficient medical care has not been given to these detainees either.

Various human rights organisations such as Amnesty International have raised their voices against this torture that the people of Iran are made to face for merely expressing peacefully what they believe to be right and just for themselves. Their safety has not been looked after in their own country.

In order to raise our voices in solidarity against this pathetic condition of Iran, we can extend our support via the websites of these human rights organisations.


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