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How would you react if you are thrown into the least expected situation in your life, one that turns your world upside down? Where a vacation turns into a nightmare and you find out that a betrayal from your loved one has cost you everything – your family, your freedom, your identity.

These chilling thoughts may be simply imagination for us, however, for the brave and the lovely Betty Mahmoody this horrendous idea was indeed the reality for a large part of her life.

Not Without My Daughter recounts the true events in the life of Betty Mahmoody, an American woman who was married to a man from Iran and had a young daughter from the marriage. For years, she lived happily, very much in love with her husband till one day, after a lot of convincing, he takes her and their daughter to Iran in order to meet his family members and develop a stronger bond within the family.

However, this reason was just the tip of the iceberg, a mere excuse to lure his family into a trap that was close to impossible to get out of. After a few days after they travelled on a supposed vacation of a few weeks to Iran, Betty Mahmoody met her husband’s orthodox family and tried to warm up to them. However, very soon, she was informed of something that changed her life forever. Her husband was holding her hostage. He had no intentions of returning to America, nor was he willing to allow Betty Mahmoody and her daughter return to their homeland.

Shocked at the horrible turn of events, all of Betty Mahmoody’s resent fell on deaf ears. From the life of freedom and luxury, she was now a part of an orthodox family in a country that has for years restricted women’s rights. Nothing more than a captive, Betty Mahmoody had to struggle not only to absorb the shocking information that had been declared by her husband, but she also had to come to terms with the fact that there was absolutely nothing she could do towards revolting against her husband. She had now been suppressed, not because of her nature or personality, but because of her helplessness with absolutely nothing familiar in the alien country far away from home.

With complete restrictions imposed on Betty Mahmoody who was monitored daily by other member of the family in her husband’s absence, she had no means of contacting her family or friends back home. She knew nothing about this country and had no knowledge of how to get her way around the place. A little daughter by her side, in her comfort she also found an added responsibility, needing to ensure her safety and security at all times. But the one thought that was fixed in her mind was that she had to escape. Be it by hook or by crook, she saw no other alternative apart from fleeing this alien country to go far away, back to safety, back to her homeland. And none of this journey without leaving her daughter behind. “Not Without My Daughter”.

With one of the most powerful storylines in the history of non-fiction, this book sees a fabulous narration and has the reader on his toes, anxious to know what is yet to happen.

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