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  • In 2018 7 people committed suicide per day
  • Falling out of relationship stated as major reason for the commission of suicide.
  • Emphasis on mental health education

New Delhi: In 2018, seven persons killed themselves every day in the Capital outstripping deaths due to road accident, according to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Most people killed themselves over troubled relationships, calling into question society's prepardeness in dealing with such cases. while there were 2,526 cases of suicides in Delhi, a figure that does not capture the number of attempts to suicide cases. 

The NCRB analysed all suicide cases in the capital and were able to point out the broad reasons for the extreme steps in roughly 66% of them.

Amongst the resons of suicide findings revealed that 456 of the cases in which the reasons were identified as "rocky relationships. these included 334 cases of marriage related issues, 56 instances of non-settlement of marriage, 8 instances of divorce and 14 cases of extra-marital relationships and family problems formed 787 cases. Dowry demands and dowry related allegations led to another 52 women and 6 men killing themselves. there were 218 cases of prolonged illness suicide and in which 18 cases were deemed to be of mental illness. 

Around 75% of the methods of the suicide is stated as hanging with 10% people choosing poison as the method to kill themselves. There were 11 instances of people killing themselves by touching live wires and drowning themselves. A senior Delhi Police Officer has emphasised the need to have more awareness campaigns to teach and educate people that help is available everywhere where ever they extend a hand, and every problem can be solved and it is not so big so as to take one's own life. 

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