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With a great form in the ongoing Grand Slam, Australian Open, Roger Federer is back again to stun us all with his swiftness and graceful strokes of the tennis racket. Having had a brilliant beginning, Roger Federer has effortlessly swerved passed both the first and the second round of the Grand Slam with straight set victories. His second set win came on 22nd January, 2020, against Filip Krajinovi?.

Roger Federer, is a professional from Switzerland, currently ranked at number 3 according to the Association of Tennis Professionals, formerly having held the number 1 position as well for a total of three hundred and ten weeks. He has created a record in the sport of tennis by having the maximum Grand Slam wins by a male tennis player, currently at 20 Grand Slams. At age thirty eight, this man has played tennis professionally for twenty two years now, being one of the longest careers with the biggest victories that the tennis world has ever seen.

Over the years, Roger Federer has had many ups and downs that have been immensely inspiring to watch as despite his injuries and his ageing body affecting his physical health in the course of life, he stands tall. Competing with all his other rivals who are around five years younger than him or more, this age difference which often is considered that of half a lifetime or career duration in tennis, Roger Federer has been seen to dominate the youth with his experience and determination.

The biggest rivalry that has been long standing and has determined the present generation of tennis is the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Despite being good friends outside of the sport, where each has been observed praising and showing immense respect for the other, this rivalry on court has been fierce.

Roger Federer is known to dominate on grass, with a record eight number of Wimbledon titles in men’s singles competition. Despite the popular conception of his victories being on grass thus giving the image of him being constrained as the master of grass courts, Roger Federer is in reality an all rounder and has had massive victories across all courts, including clay which is seemingly his least preferred.

The Australian Open has often set the stage to display Roger Federer’s prowess, with him having a second highest number of victories amongst the four Grand Slams. He has won six Australian Open titles till date, with his eyes set on the seventh.

Roger Federer is a legend in his own right. This year’s Australian Open sees a promising start of Federer, who has yet again, quashed all rumours surrounding his retirement. Roger Federer is back in the game, having had a good performance in the previous year along with a stable physical health and fitness. For a man so skilled, age is no barrier.

Roger Federer is an inspiration, someone who is looked up to by all enthusiasts and sportspersons. This Australian Open title will add another feather to his hat and bring him a step closer to creating a record that is impossible to beat.

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