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We take various things in our lives for granted as hard facts. Never do we imagine a situation where these fixed things, that need not even be proved scientifically or otherwise due to their sheer obviousness, end up altering themselves. A result of that would be something that we have never imagined before, a possibility though too far can seem immensely fascinating and too close to reality.

On such an idea, the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is based. This movie is a fictional piece of art, with an idea that has never been explored before. Starring Brad Pitt and revolving around his life riddled with complications, a story has been from scratch about him and his love story. The female lead in the movie is played by Cate Blanchett.

The plot of the movie is as follows. There exists a male who is born with a condition that is extremely rare, a condition where he is born as an old person. He has all those maladies and looks of that of an aged man. As the years go by, this old man who was born frail and ailing out of old age, starts to grow younger and younger. His life come to an end after he lives his life at the youngest possible stage of infancy. This male basically lives his life backwards, entering the world as an old man and ending his life as an infant.

The movie depicts the struggles of this man, who is abandoned by his father after his birth that led to his mother’s death. This old looking man is taken to a nursing home where he meets a seven year old girl whom he befriends. The man, in the passing years, gets a job on a boat and starts to work there, hence separated from this friend who had become an important part of his life as in her he saw acceptance of his rare and queer condition.

Years start to go by and Benjamin Button only grows younger in his appearance and his health. Reuniting with the young girl he once knew, the now youthful Benjamin and the woman, hit it off and start to grow close again, like they once used to be. Soon, when they both were of similar ages, they fall in love. But Benjamin Button only grows younger and at age eighty four, dies in the form of an infant. This is the plot of the movie.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a huge success both in terms of reception as well as critical approval, having bagged thirteen Academy Award nominations.

The movie is brilliant, especially because it encroaches upon an idea that one could not have imagined. Its innovation is noteworthy, adding a fresh twist to a film of the genre of romance. The storyline of the movie, though seemingly complicated, is explained in a comprehensive manner, with all the parts connected well hence allowing one to feel the emotion that was intended to be a highlight of the movie.

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