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The twenty sixth edition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2020 was held on 19th January, 2020, having presented awards to various actors for their brilliant performances across films.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards is known to be an extremely prestigious award presentation to the best performing movie stars and actors of television shows. It is organised by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. The nominations for this award show are via a committee that is set up with a large number of people. A separate committee is set up for movie awards and for television awards. The Screen Actors Guild Awards is an annual award function, having honoured numerous people for their prowess since 1995.

This edition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards saw various immensely anticipated victories, starting with Joaquin Phoenix as the protagonist of The Joker, and Brad Pitt as the best supporting male actor in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The dark South Korean movie that has recently grabbed a lot of eyeballs for the incredible performance of the cast too won an award for the entire cast. The cast of Avengers also received an award for the mind blowing stunts performed by the entire cast.

The television show that first comes to the mind of most when a list of popular shows is thought of is Game of Thrones. Despite the uproar against the final season of the television show, Game of Thrones has yet again received awards at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The most loved man both on and off screen, Peter Dinklage, who played the role of Tyrion Lannister, won the award for the best male actor in a television show of the genre of drama. Game of Thrones also won the Screen Actors Guild Award for the best stunts performed by the cast on the show, overall lauding all the actors for their fabulous work despite the season having a lack of positive responses by the audience. Game of Thrones managed to beat the top contender, Stranger Things, to this award.

The most common name in American households and the most cherished American actress – Jennifer Aniston – too won an award for the best female actor in a television drama show for The Morning Show.

The highlight of the award show, however, was the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award which was presented to the American actor, producer and director, Robert De Niro. Robert De Niro has acted in a plethora of movies, most of which have been big hits across the globe. A recent movie that featured this all rounder is The Silver Linings Playbook which became hugely popular. He was also seen in The Joker. He was awarded for the several years of association and success that he has had in the film industry, producing flawless work one after the other.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards was finally put to an end with a special mention of all the actors who passed away in the year 2020, leaving behind their permanent contributions to the development of the film and television industry.

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