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  • Sharad Pawar says that 'Tribals are the original inhabitants'
  • UN must recognize them
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The former Union Minister says, “tribals are original residents as well as masters of the country”. The tribals have the power to show the right path to the country.

On Sunday, while addressing the first conference of the Constitutional rights of indigenous people of Central India in Indore, Nationalist Congress Party’s (NCP) Chief Sharad Pawar acted as a pillar for the tribals and demanded the UN to declare them as the indigenous people of Central India.

On this special day, Pawar also paid tribute to the martyred tribal freedom fighter Tantia Bhil on the occasion of Bhil’s 175th Birth Anniversary. He said that the whole country should celebrate this day in the name of Tantia Bhil.

Pawar also stated that, “Tribals are the original natives of India There is a need for the official recognition from United Nations in this regard. We support the demand of the tribal community on this issues. We are duty-bound to make a bid for it (such declaration from the UN).”

Not only this, the big news on light is that Pawar said that he would insist the President, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Speakers and Chairman of both the Houses of Parliament for building a statue of Bhil in the Sansad Bhawan. Since Tantia and Dr. BR Ambedkar, the maker of the Indian Constitution, were born in Madhya Pradesh, Pawar said, "The Kamal Nath-led government will work for the tribals in the State. Great Bhil and Ambedkar were born here, in this land. I feel that there is a need to take some steps for the development of our society." Tantia was a member of the Bhil tribe, the indigenous Adivasi community, and is recognized as a heroic figure. He is known for his contributions to the society and the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Sharad Pawar has also called for a joint programme for the tribals of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in order to solve their problem, and also to highlight and ensure the need education, farming welfare, and employment for this region of society.

Some of the reports tell that the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Kamal Nath's speech clearly shows his positive support towards pawar’s suggestion.


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