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  • 16 year old girl kills self
  • Police refused to register FIR
  • Hyderabad encounter- AIIMS forms Panel

 A 16 year old girl who was allegedly kidnapped and raped in Madhya Pradesh's Khargone district, has committed suicide, as said by police on Sunday. The girl's family stated that she consumed poison after the police deined to take any action on the said crime. 

According to the girl's family the police refused to register a first information report (FIR) when they approached them on Thursday.  Accoding to the girl's father they visited the police station regularly for two days, but the police did'nt register the FIR, instead they questioned the girl's character. Immensly upset and hopless after this the girl took her own life. The girl's family said that the FIR was only registered a day after the victim consumed poison. 

According to the FIR a 27 year old man kidnapped the minor girl and raped her for 2 days, he then dropped her outside her village on Wednesday and warned her of dire consequences if she reported the incident to the police. The accused has been arrested by the police. SP Sunil Kumar Pandey has ordered an inquiry action against the police personnel concerned of the charges of carelessness and misbehaviour.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi has formed a team of three forensic doctors to conduct the second autopsy on the bodies of the four accused men of the gang-rape and murder of a woman veterinarian near Hyderabad, who were killed in an alleged encounter on December 6. The team is set to depart for Telengana on Sunday Evening and conduct the second autopsy at the mortuary of state-run Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad on Monday in accordance with the order issued by the Telangana High Court.

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