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  • Internet services shut
  • 14 districts of Uttar Pradesh to be disconnected form the Net
  • Services to shut fom 10pm 26/12/19


Uttar Pradesh has come hard on who are indulged in the violent activities, according to the recent data released by the Uttar Pradesh police approximate;y 337 FIRs have been registered by now across the state. The police and the Uttar Pradesh government have taken several hard measures to recover the costs form the offenders upon  their actions. Also in addition to this the UP police is keeping strict surveillance over social media and have been taking brisk action against those who have used social media as a tool to achieve their malacious agenda by spreading false and irrevalent news about CAA and NRC.

Action has been taken against more than 19409 social media posts so far for spreading false information with an intention of inticing, violence in the country. Over 9372 Twitter, 9856 Facebook and 181 Youtube profiles were identified and blocked by the administration which were involved in the spreading of falsified news. 

As per the orders today the internet services will be shut in 14 districts of Uttar Pradesh. These are those districts where violent activities was seen the previous week and in order to prevent the same the administration is taking precautionary action and is hereby requesting the people to not to indulge in any kind of violent activities and refrain form sharing violent posts which in any way which intices the general public.

Section Editor: Prithvijit Mukherjee | 27 Dec 2019 0:24am IST

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