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  • The hospital does not have an in- house MRI machine.
  • Victim suffred gun-shot injury to the spine.
  • 2 reasons stated for the refusal.

A specialist structure Guru Teg Bahadur (GTB) Hospital has enrolled a grumbling with the Delhi Medical Council against a non-open indicative place additionally on the grounds that the emergency clinic after a 15-yr-old mob injured individual was denied a MRI. The unfortunate casualty had endured a weapon shot injury to the spine. A MRI report was required for the precise arranging of the process.

GTB Hospital is that the best government-run tertiary consideration clinic inside the trans-Yamuna district and treated around 300 individuals harmed inside the mobs, upwards of 67 with firearm fired injuries. The emergency clinic doesn't have an in-house MRI machine. For the essential two days when the exploited people went inside the CT filter machine wasn't working and furthermore the patients were being referred to the within reach Rajiv Gandhi Super-speciality medical clinic. The emergency clinic likewise runs a MD radio diagnosis course without a MRI machine.

The objection makes relevance the private demonstrative place House of Diagnostics in Karkardooma where the patient was taken-expressed two explanations behind the refusal initial one being that it had been a medico-legitimate case, and furthermore the one who rejected the MRI had closed down as a specialist when she was a physiotherapist. The specialists have guaranteed that appropriate move are made.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 15 Mar 2020 14:11pm IST

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