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  • The girl was a class 12th student
  • She was upset as her exam did'nt go well
  • Declared brought dead at the hospital

New Delhi: a category 12 student of a personal school in south Delhi allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the Barapullah elevated road while returning home along with her father after appearing within the board exams on Friday afternoon, the police said. The police also said that the girl was found to be upset as her exam did'nt go well that day. The policeman said that around 4pm, the police room recieved a call regarding the incident.

"Personnel from the Hazrat Nizamuddin police office reached the incident spot and learnt that the injured girl had been rushed to Safdarjung Hospital, but she was declared brought dead at the hospital. As quoted by the officer.

As noted by the officer upon what the girl's father told the policeman that while he was taking his daughter to home after the exam from the college she complained of nausea and asked her father to prevent the car on the elevated road in South Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin area, soon she got out of the car climbed onto the railing and jumped off a height of roughly 40 feet, when he raised an alarm, a passerby came to assist him.

One of the passerby called the police. The principal of the college said that it absolutely was deeply distressing and sad news, the college is in state of shock.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 17 Mar 2020 9:29am IST

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